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Best Window Cleaning Tips


Cleaning windows is a task most people don't look forward to. Part of what makes window cleaning such a chore is the challenges you can encounter. The biggest challenges are the dirty sills and frames, the dusty screens and the smeared, dirty glass.

Before spraying and rubbing all of the dirt around, make sure to pull back the curtains or blinds, open the window(s) and make sure to check the sill, frame and tracks for bugs, cobwebs and dirt. Take a small-handled brush and just simply dust all of the dirt away into the dustpan.

Read below our best window cleaning tips to help make this process easier. Remember to pick a day that isn't as sunny outside so the windows don't dry as you are cleaning them.

1. Use a Squeegee

Rubbing dirt and grime back and forth isn't the best idea to get your windows clean. Cleaning your windows with a squeegee is a great way to keep the windows clean and as dirt free as possible.

To get an effective clean, use a squeegee in conjunction with a spray to get the best results.

2. Use a Cloth

The new micro-fiber cloths work very well for cleaning windows. Use the micro-fiber cloths with your favorite cleaner to get a great result. Remember to wash you micro-fiber cloths to keep them clean but avoid using fabric softener as it will reduce the absorbency of the cloths.

3. Use the Right Cleaning Products

Use a window cleaning solution, which contains ammonia, vinegar and/or a liquid dishwashing detergent. These work very well and you can purchase them almost anywhere (or even make them yourself). If you'd like to make your own spray make sure to use ammonia (cuts heavy grease) and vinegar (removes hard water spots) as the main ingredients. Remember that too many chemicals or too much soap can cause streaks and leave residue on the windows.

One great product that works very well and can be used with a micro-fiber cloth is Hope's Perfect Glass($5 for 32 ounces, The Hope Company; hopecompany.com).

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