Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Dispenser

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Product Overview

This Kutol 9919ZPL heavy duty wall mount hand soap dispenser is designed for use with Kutol flat top one gallon hand soap jugs. Perfect for use at your warehouse, factory, auto shop, or manufacturing plant, this bulk hand soap dispensing system requires less refills, which saves you money, and allows you and your employees to focus on completing more important tasks. Its heavy duty design means it can withstand the wear and tear of being used in industrial and commercial environments without becoming damaged or worn out.Unlike traditional bulk hand soap pump systems, this Kutol 9919ZPL heavy duty wall mount dispenser is specifically designed for use with industrial strength, heavy duty grit and pumice based hand soaps. It features a large push-down dispensing lever, which allows for use of your arms or elbows to dispense product if your hands are covered in dirt and grime. Plus, the flat surface of the dispenser allows for it to be easily wiped down and cleaned if it does become dirty!