Universal Drip Tray (5.5″ x 4″ x 4.25″)

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Product Overview

Kutol now offers an easy-to-install drip tray that can be used with any kutol dispensing system. Made from a durable coated plastic and designed with raised edges, the drip tray catches drips and makes it easy to wipe them clean. Our 2-piece design makes it easy to install and easy to remove for cleaning. Attach the mounting bracket to the wall y pushing on the adhesive backing, then slide the drip tray in place. To remove, press the tab and slide the drip tray off. Designed with a reversible long or short option, the drip tray can be used with any kutol liquid or foam dispenser. The long option is best for the foam and clean shape dispensers, the short option is best for soft & silky and dura view.